Chamber Oven

Few Important Facts about the Functions Performed By a Chamber Oven

Several complex heat treatments of charges and drying procedures utilize the industrial ovens to an application temperature of 270 oC. The superior airflow of the ovens empowers ideal temperature consistency all through the workspace.

A wide scope of embellishments permits the Chamber Oven to be adjusted for meeting explicit procedure requisites. The structure for the heat treatment of combustible materials is accessible for all sizes.

How Does a Chamber Oven Work?

Electrically warmed (through a heating register with coordinated chrome steel warming components) or gas-terminated (immediate or backhanded gas-fired including infusion of the warm air into the entry duct).

The oven maintains a uniform temperature of up to 5 oC. Excellent mineral fleece protection of the oven accommodates external temperatures of < 25 oC above room temperature. Just fiber materials are utilized which are not listed to be cancer-causing as indicated by labels class 1 or 2.

The oven comes with a furnace door with double-wings and ensures high air flow for quick drying procedures. Over-temperature limiter with customizable pattern temperature for thermal protection class 2 acts as temperature limiter to bear the load and oven.

Apart from the floor insulation, the best Chamber Oven Manufacturer ensures speedy air circulation, programmed operation of air flaps and quick cooling.