Mother Oven

Facts Concerning the Mother Oven and Its Popularity across Various Industries

A wide range of industrial ovens have been introduced in the international market of late. These ovens are composed of high-quality stainless steel and are primarily meant for electrode-drying.

A majority of heating and drying industries have appreciated the Mother Oven for its stable performance and long service span. It is truly very convenient for the user of mother ovens to shift the products between places. Depending on the specific requirement of the clients, the manufacturers tend to customize these ovens.

Specifications of the Mother Oven:

You may avail the oven in a plethora of capacities varying from 25-1000 kg. It provides you with customized shelving and a thermostat-based temperature controller. Depending on your needs the Mother Oven Manufacturer can provide you with a digital display unit. The temperature can vary between 300oC and 600oC.

All of the global quality standards are maintained by the manufacturers as they utilize world-class raw materials in combination with all cutting-edge technologies. You may place an order for setting the input voltage at 220V / 110V AC.

A portable version of the mother heating equipment can now be dispatched across few prominent cities in India. A majority of the oven manufacturers would provide for mother ovens worth supreme quality on request.