Silica Gel Drying Oven

How to Optimize Your Drying Job with a Silica Gel Drying Oven

The process of drying silica gel across the drying and heating industry is quite natural. You can make good use of an industrial oven for speeding up your process and to ensure accuracy. However, it is also advised that you read through the safety precautions of using the oven in advance.

Check Out How a Silica Gel Drying Oven Work

The process of using a Silica Gel Drying Oven might yield the best outcomes, but it can stretch for a bit longer. The temperature of the oven must be set at 275 deg. F and the Silica Gel must be dried till it gets medium blue. For each quart of gel weighing 30 ounces, the drying method must be continued for up to 1 � hours.

Keep the door of the oven a little open. It will keep the oven from overheating and protect its surface from being ruined by the presence of metal in the dye that is indicated. The process of drying is much faster than many of the alternative processes. Again, it helps in keeping the indoors warm. The silica gel retains its bluish color even after the oven gets cooled significantly. A Silica Gel Drying Oven Manufacturer will only suggest you to re-dry it in the Sun once the humidity falls below 40%.