Electric Oven for HT / LT Motors

Electric Oven for HT / LT Motors for Rapid Heating all Over the Chamber !

Varnish Baking is an activity that is done on a motor winding right after it has been cured so that the cured process that has already been carried out on it is strengthened. The material is already treated by heat so that it achieves a particular material quality. It can normally achieve the result of baking winding if it has been left at room temperature for about a day or more.

However, in situations when such waiting cannot be done, our Electric Oven for HT / LT Motors provides ideal solution by enabling such heat to be applied quickly, conveniently and rapidly. Post curing in our oven offers a greater advantage to the material that is being treated than what it could have achieved if it was left at room temperature.

High Quality Electric Oven for HT / LT Motors with Manual & Motorised Trolley !

The post curing process increases physical qualities such as flexural strength, tensile strength etc in a way that is much superior to what is seen when the material is exposed to room temperature. The design and material used to make the oven ensures that it is easy-to-clean thus enabling you to carry our activities effortlessly. Order now for our affordable and high-quality Electric Oven for HT / LT Motors which makes your motor varnish baking tasks simple and cost-effective!