Stationary Mother Electrode Ovens

Importance of Stationary Mother Electrode Ovens for Heating and Drying Services

A number of processing industries look forward to sturdy broilers for their drying and heating purposes. To follow a desired setting for drying, these broilers would come with a control of indoor regulator. High-quality radiographic welds are delivered by welding consumables that are thoroughly dry.

Mostly under circumstances when you need high retaining limits and high temperature processing of anodes, the Stationary Mother Electrode Ovens are your best bet. The changing sizes of the anodes can be dealt with very easily by the poles located within the ovens. You will even achieve a temperature guarantee for the chamber while buying these ovens.

General Specifications for Stationary Mother Electrode Ovens:

These ovens are available in capacities between 25-1000 kg.
A thermostat temperature controller is present in them.
The ovens can withstand temperatures up to 500 o C.

A world-class manufacturer of Stationary Mother Electrode Ovens will utilize high-grade raw materials for fabricating and pursuing exquisite designs. They would ensure passage of electric current to the processor by insulating copper wires for the two cables of the ovens.

A light-weighted whip and an electrode holder are also attached and both of these can withstand natural wearing with time. The work table and the ground cable are attached by way of a ground clamp. You will even be amazed to see these ovens coming at the best-quoted prices in the entire industry.