Portable Electrode Oven

The Portable Electrode Oven Performs Very Effectively and Meets All Global Standards

Electrode ovens are offered is a wide variety. These days, some of the electrode oven manufacturers are even launching portable versions of their products. These ovens are easy to carry since they are much lighter in weight.

You can protect a Portable Electrode Oven very easily. It is also quite simple for you to pass the electrodes over for the heat treatment from your holding oven. The oven meets international standards as it is composed of superior quality materials. Despite being portable, the ovens are energy-efficient and durable. Depending on the client requirements and specifications the ovens are designed.

Specifications of the Portable Electrode Oven:

Portable electrode oven can be shifted to shop floor very easily due to its small size.
The portable oven is available in 5 kg & 10 kg variants.
About18" rods can be accommodated.
The oven can bear heat treatments up to 250oC.

Drying welding electrodes involves specific handling and operational challenges. A Portable Electrode Oven Manufacturer follows a standard model that proves flexible both while performing and transferring electrodes to different places.

Once the electrode is opened and taken out of the box, it can be used directly for preheating. For about an hour before using the oven, you ought to re-bake it at temperatures between 200 Deg C and 250 Deg C like other electrodes running with low hydrogen.