Down Draft Paint Booth

Curb Costs and Ensure Easier Heating with a Down Draft Paint Booth

It is important for every paint booth to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the painter by enabling only unpolluted air to circulate between the ground and ceiling. It will even contribute much to a smooth finishing devoid of dust and debris.

It is truly important for a painter to ensure that an exhaust has been placed in the paint booth for minimizing health risks and for attaining smooth finish. A Down Draft Paint Booth helps you paint by utilizing the entire space to overspray regardless of the direction that you choose for spraying.

Advantages of Using the Down Draft Paint Booth

A draft pattern is followed by the down draft booth as the painter pulls it down from the ceiling to the floor. Down drafts may be elevated with the help of ramps that swell on the steel bases or concrete pits.

The user guide offered by a Down Draft Paint Booth Manufacturer never encourages exhaustion of the overspray; rather he insists on shifting and removal of the overspray as soon as possible. Once the object gets drawn toward the painted vehicle or object, the air gets exhausted under it. A booth of this kind is truly effective in curbing dust and pollution.