Electrode Holding Oven

Few Tips on Using the Electrode Holding Oven

The sooner you take the welding electrodes out of the box they are likely to draw atmospheric moisture. The presence of hydrogen in the moisture is bound to expand the weld and lead to cracks. For restoration, you will need to re-bake the damaged electrodes.

The harm caused to the welds by the presence of moisture can be prevented if adequate storage space can be provided at optimum temperature. Buying the Electrode Holding Oven seems more economical due to its energy efficiency and compact design.

For preventing absorption of moisture, the flux coating containing low hydrogen plays an effective role. Being simple to use and efficient, the oven seems to be an ideal heating solution and storage facility for electrodes worth up to 18 inches in length and up to 1000kg in weight.

World Class Insulation and Design Are the Key Features of an Electrode Holding Oven

High quality insulation supports efficient heating design that does not inhibit natural convection but is built purposely. Electrode-stacking is discouraged by electrode manufacturers. It undergoes treatment for undergoing smooth airflow over the consumable.

To ward off atmospheric moisture, an Electrode Holding Oven Manufacturer lets the electrode coating acquire heat with a shelving design. It is installed within the enclosure since it is thermally efficient.