Paint Booth

How Beneficial It Is to Go for a Paint Booth

The spray booths with open front might cost you only $1000. Alternatively, you might avail some complex filtration system with the customized and large-sized spray booths. So in all, you might have to spend something in between $15000-20000 for a mid-range average sized spray booth for your business.

Although the steel prices might continue to rise, the modern-day Paint Booth is still made of high-quality steel. In addition, it must undergo a stringent inspection depending on its lesser constructional activity.

How Does a Paint Booth Work?

The horizontal flow of air runs through the vehicle or product as it moves parallel to the ground. The air is evenly distributed due to the layout of the filter. At the rear side of the booth, there is an exhaust plenum through which the air can exit.

The paint booth plays a crucial role in today’s world. Containing the paint overspray is the most crucial element of the booth as it contributes to the safety of the environment.

The booth even helps in improving the quality of painting work besides keeping the environment free of contaminants. A proficient Paint Booth Manufacturer maintains about 85% of relative humidity, while the inner temperature is maintained from 50oF and 90oF.