Lacquer Curing Oven

How the Lacquer Curing Oven Simplifies the Process of Curing

Lacquer is the main component for creating the base layer of any metallising adhesion. You may either use a lacquer tank for dipping the substrate or utilize a spray gun.

A Lacquer Curing Oven could be used to dry it, but then you also have to maintain a specific temperature. Close the doors of the oven once the articles are placed inside on a tray. You could catch a glimpse of the temperature with the help of a digital temperature controller attached to it.

Few Good Tips on Running the Lacquer Curing Oven

While curing any article, you must arrange the temperature and time settings accordingly. The heater and the fan need to be turned on simultaneously. Turn the heater off after some time. Alongside the base coat, the top can even be cured is a similar manner. A twin-walled curing oven helps in creating the inner as well as the outer shells with a steel sheet that’s thick and yet soft.

Any Lacquer Curing Oven Manufacturer will use strips of such steel to do the reinforcements besides utilizing an angle-ironed structure to safeguard the outer boundaries. It helps in saving a substantial portion of the cost of energy as it already proves very expensive to fabricate and design it for the metallising industry.